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Company Overview

V.E.R.N. is a patented AI/ML emotion detection software. Executed via API, SDK or on a chipset, our system can analyze communications in real time. Designed to be integrated into your stack, V.E.R.N. offers sentence-by-sentence analysis of the latent emotional clues in human communication. Instead of an overall "sentiment" score, V.E.R.N. delivers key insights directly to the root of the emotion expressed by your user.

We are focused on chatbots and CSR, with our first client being one of the largest credit unions in the United States. We are working with a western-state university to integrate V.E.R.N. into a Virtual Reality app, an online game, and therapeutics for at-risk communities. Our second focus is in the gaming industry, leveraging our connections to increase the realism of non-player characters.

In addition, we've identified 44 different revenue streams for our software. Executed via self-serve dashboard, clients can onboard in less than 5 minutes.

Our team includes Craig Tucker, MA-MSU, Media and Information, 3rd year PhD @MSU. Bryan Novak, MA Michigan State-Serious Game Design. Dr. Brendan Watson, MSU, a world wide expert at content analysis and specializes in automated systems. Dennis Walters, II, a chief engineer at Engine Yard. Frank Kinney, former CFO for several companies and currently CEO of Kinney Capital. Edward Christensen, is our counsel and has been a litigator for over 20 years with cases in both state and federal courts.

Visit us at https://www.vernai.com

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