untapt connects software developers with the world’s leading banks, hedge funds and FinTech startups. Join us - then, join them.
Company Overview

The financial services industry has become increasingly tech driven, creating a tremendous need for great tech talent to help drive innovation at global banks, hedge funds and FinTech startups. Yet with more than 15 million technologists in the world and over 400,000 tech jobs to fill in financial services each year, there has been no way to easily connect the two.

untapt is the only recruitment platform that focuses exclusively on the intersection of financial services and technology, where demand is exploding. untapt's proprietary algorithm connects a growing talent pool of highly qualified engineers with top financial services companies, both large and small, ensuring the right matches based on factors such as experience, skills and education overlaid with industry-specific analytics. The more companies and candidates use the system, the more it learns and can predict the best fit.

Banks, hedge funds, consulting firms, startups, and others can source the best talent in the industry quickly and affordably, while software developers access a confidential platform to find exclusive career opportunities at top FinTech firms.