UniZest Ltd
Company Overview

UniZest launched an online banking service for UK international students that uniquely resolves a long-standing problem. That successful pilot is being expanded to include a digital marketplace that provides students with access to finance, relevant services and flexible benefits for a seamless transition into their lives as UK students.

In 2017, UniZest created an online current account designed to give international students and their parents peace of mind while the student is studying abroad. UniZest developed a unique on-boarding process that allows students to open and start using a fully compliant account whilst they are still at home and before they know their UK address.

With a smooth on-boarding process, Visa debit card, and integrated foreign exchange service, the student has all they need to transition to a life in the UK.

UniZest’s mission is to build the world’s first international student-focused banking solution. Enhancements and upcoming features are aimed at providing tailored products and services at each stage of the student customer journey.

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