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'Like personal banking for international students...'
Company Overview

UniZest is a focused on the global international student market - which totals 4.5m-5m students.

UniZest launched the Aspire account to this market. It is a product specifically designed to make the lives of these student less stressful, and to assist them in making the transition to their chosen country of study.

The Aspire account has been launched in the UK and is available to any international student coming to a University or College within the UK to study on a full-time course.
It combines a digital online bank account with an integrated foreign exchange service and includes other great features and functions for the students.
The current USP though is that these students can open, and start using their accounts, before they leave home. Ensuring they, and their families, have the peace of mind in knowing their banking needs are sorted before they leave for the UK.

In addition UniZest has just signed an agreement with WeChat Pay to allow all Chinese Aspire account holders to use the WeChat Pay service to easily transfer funds from China in to their GBP Aspire account.

Next the Aspire account will be launched in other currency denominations to include EUR / USD / CAD / AUD - that will mean it is available to 68% of the globally mobile 4.5-5m international students.

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