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Company Overview

At ucreate we’re obsessed with helping develop ideas and creating epic digital products. We’ve been partnering with London’s startups for the last 2 years, constantly observing their pains and asking how we could support them better. Pushed on by their feedback, we’ve taken the traditional development agency model and put a much-needed rocket up its arse.

Essentially, we’ve created an exciting, interactive environment where founders come in and work with us on nailing business goals and challenges through every stage of their startup journey:
Validation – We uncover real user problems so that you can assure there’s a market for your vision.
Creation – Our process goes beyond agile and lean. We use iterative development cycles with regular hands-on workshops to consistently improve your app.
Domination – The real work starts once we launch. This is where we roll up our sleeves, gather feedback and derive insights that enable our startups to start rocketing. As they do, we support them with investment rounds and resourcing an in-house dev team when required.

Our startups have raised more than £25 million in the last year. Awesome alumni include Client Share, Wagonex, latetrip.com, When You Move and MeasureMatch.

Joined TechDay
Oct 20, 2017