UCode Programming Academy
Empowering kids and teens to code.
Company Overview

We strive to fully realize the intellectual potential in every child through computer science, the universal language of the future. We teach students of all ages how to code and explore their own creativity through programming and project creation. Our students create websites, apps, software and games by learning HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Swift, Java, Haskell, and more advanced programming languages. Understanding computer science develops critical thinking, creativity, and elevates performance in countless areas in an engaging and academically challenging environment. We have created the most effective and engaging
coding curriculum on the planet. Our functional, self-paced approach to programming paves the way for students to exercise all areas of their minds, solve complex problems, and build self-esteem learning an incredibly rewarding and limitless skill-set. Our instructors play a critical role in your child’s development. Each instructor is UCode Certified and completes Behavioral Management Training to ensure they’re delivering an excellent educational experience. They have extensive backgrounds in computer science, teaching, and other STEM-related fields.

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