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Company Overview

Lineate has been at the forefront of large-scale, high performance web development for over a decade, setting the bar for both backend excellence and innovative applications.

We build technology that becomes an enabler to try new ideas, and we make the possibilities of data tangible. Whether its real-time decision making, finding the crucial customer insight or designing a platform for scalability, we have a team of thought provoking talent with the expertise and transparency to solve tomorrow’s challenges today.

Collaborating on hundreds of high-profile web and mobile products has driven us to cultivate expertise in NoSQL deployment and migration, email and subscription platforms, ad serving and RTB, cloud computing and hosting.

The cornerstone of our success is deep knowledge across platforms, frameworks, and languages, enabling us to identify the precise set of tools needed to create innovative customer solutions. Our client roster includes; The New York Times, eBay, Shutterstock, AppNexus, The Boston Globe, Ad Marketplace, Etsy, OkCupid, SAP, Gazprom, Grubhub, PlaceIQ and more.

*Software development, scalability, fault-tolerance, distributed computing, nosql, cloud, big data, mobile, and machine learning