The Human Codex
Guiding our future by sharing your past.
Company Overview

The Human Codex is a human history record of the people, created by the people, for the people. Its purpose is simple, it is a place where everyone can come and leave their own personal mark in history. Visitors of the site/app will be given the ability to create their own digital time capsule (called a Codex) which will allow them to record any significant life events such as Birthdays; Weddings etc. Photos and videos can also be able to be saved to the Codex.

Historically, time capsules have been important tools that carried a kind of reverence for the past and towards the future. People were excited and anxious about what is inside the locked and buried devices, hoping that once opened they will clarify uncertainties and give them a better sense of the past. Today, technology plays a similar role, or it did before we became so flooded with digital inundation that we have lost touch with the spiritual and uplifting elements of what gets stored.

THC seeks to return this quality to our users and will, in so doing, increase the value of the information contained inside each user’s capsule. Large-scale genealogy and family history platforms are built using uniform programming that tries the details together in ways that conform to business and large data needs. Similarly, online encyclopedic resources such as Wikipedia build collections of facts and details to make a library-like collection of information. But what of us as people, as people who live our own stories and recall our own truths about our adventures?

The Human Codex will share many elements of other journaling and personal or family heritage portals. But we also believe that our model will be different, most importantly as it will allow users to decide for themselves what information to keep and how to put it together into their story as they lived and
experienced it. In many ways, we are coming to respect technologies data-gathering capabilities at the same time that we worry about how government, corporate, and cyber enterprises are seeking to collect details about us to construct and image of us that serves their interests.

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