TeenTrepreneur.Biz Prepares Children and Teens supported by their Parents/Guardians for the challenges of tomorrow with business, leadership, and STEM skills through its online TeenTrep Academy!
Company Overview

Teentrepreneur.Biz is the world’s first trademarked, and only web-based Social Impact Investing Company dedicated solely to assisting 7-19 year olds and their families in the development, marketing, and launching of their companies, products and services. In our forever changing world, young people develop innovative and unique concepts on a daily basis that challenge the adult world’s understanding of how problems can be solved and needs can be met. But since it is an adult’s world, so many young people--without all of the communication skills or confidence of their older counterparts--find it difficult to access and compete in a business climate that does not see them as players.

Enter TeenTrepreneur.Biz and its TeenTrep Academy. The company was founded on the vision of creating dynamic content that is based on a human’s four true needs: to live, to love, to learn, and to leave a legacy. We firmly believe that age shouldn't limit a child’s ability to disrupt, innovate and take this world by storm. It's their time to make a dent in the universe. Our highly trained and diverse staff of instructors, mentors and investors provide a business curriculum, vision strategy, product marketing and guidance to serious entrepreneurs with big ideas and dreams. Our staff draws from their diverse backgrounds in order to assist our students in honing their passion for their concepts; in order to help them enter the marketplace with conviction. Individual and group sessions intertwine education related to the business world with the space and freedom to explore new ideas, foster creativity, and ultimately create a powerful product or service that can transform each young person’s concepts and visions into an actual business or startup.

Inspired by the company founder’s love for children (being #4 of 14 children growing up) and her desire to see them empowered and their self-esteem boosted, TeenTrepreneur.Biz also has its own line of pre-teen and teen business/business casual fashion apparel. We are excited for you to learn more about how children and parents/guardians can access all of our products and services. Together, we intend to cultivate and promote hundreds of dreams in order to make them a reality!

-The TeenTrepreneur.Biz Team

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