Compatible colleagues perform best
Company Overview

TeamPlayerHR identifies an individual’s Intrinsic Matrix profile, their “IM.” The IM is a measure of the interactability potential of a prospective employee with their colleagues or candidates (or with any other person one wishes to compare compatibility potential with). Identifying the right employee for the right job requires comparing and understanding an individual’s specific view of the work environment and their potential for productive interaction with specific people. It is not a psychometric test.

TeamPlayerHR patent technology is unique. It differs from past and even current new practices and models. TeamPlayerHR is tailored for each, matching the person with the right line manger / supervisor / team leader or colleague. This new and revolutionary approach challenges the status quo, creating teams of “compatible individuals” thereby reducing the likelihood of employee turnover and unintended consequences.

TeamPlayerHR technology is scalable and adaptable to all industry sectors. “Compatible Participants Get Along and Perform Best”