Real-time social networking ecosystem.™ | Discover, engage and interact with other people, places to visit, things to buy or ideas to collaborate on.
Company Overview

SYNCALIKE® introduces a different social networking style which has been previously dominated by social media.
SYNCALIKE® provides an efficient and effective way to build more meaningful connections to other people, places, things and ideas, based on something in common or some shared interest or preference.

Case Study: Why do people attend conferences and mixers? - Is it just for the speakers... or is for networking? Research suggests that a third of conference attendees attend for networking. However, if you're in a room full of dozens if not hundreds of other attendees, its impossible to network with the most desired or influential connections you are actively seeking. Event just making professionals connections and adding them to your professional social network would be very challenging. Far to often people have attended mixers, clubs, conferences, meetups and more in search of someone in particular for a current need - to only get connected on a social media platform when the desire may not be to openly post status updates and photos and receive notifications when others update their profiles.

Example: A business owner who's a graphic artist may be interested in gaining the business of a person who is looking for an artist to complete some design work. The business owner may attend a mixer to connect with potential new clients. If that graphic artist connected with a general attendee of a mixer whom they just happened to meet while getting drinks, he/she will most likely not gain new business. Why? Its possible that the person the graphic artist connected with may already have a graphic artist, or may be one themselves. The two connected on social media and now know of each others family, former classmates and friends, however the purpose for the business owner being in attendance was to gain new business. Now the business owner has to present a business offer to someone who may not be interested in their services at all.

Anyone can use SYNCALIKE® to start building powerful connections in real-time. Businesses can reach out to new customers. Recruiters can connect with potential new hires, The possibilities are endless. Join the social network for people who are actively seeking or available for connecting with other people, places to visit, things to buy or ideas to collaborate on!

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