Surf Labs
LiNK helps you uncrowd your space and meet the right professionals - In-Person - by leveraging iBeacon/BLE and the public data on your LinkedIn profile to discover and connect with others around you.
Company Overview

LiNK, built by Surf Labs, is a mobile app-based professional networking platform. Whether you're at co-working spaces, incubators, events or meetups, LiNK helps you uncrowd your space, meet the right people and build your network - In-Person - by leveraging iBeacon / Bluetooth Smart (Low Energy) technology and only the public info on LinkedIn profiles to discover and connect with other professionals within your proximity.

Our second product is LiNK Spaces that provides real-time aggregate analytics about those who are physically present in a space. It helps operators of co-working spaces and events better understand who is there (by company, industry or skills) and when, and provides detailed metrics around engagement and collaboration.