Sttartup. Startup T-Shirt Monthly Subscription Box. Startup with an Extra Tee.
Company Overview

Live Pulse proudly presents Sttartup (get it? "extra tee!"), the only Startup T-Shirt Monthly Subscription Box. Sttartup a promotional vehicle for startups that want to reach early adopters in a different way, and a place for fans of the startup culture to get fresh threads and offers from exciting companies each month.

Instead of only giving away shirts at SXSW and as survey rewards, startups can include a shirt and other promo materials (stickers, coupon codes, free trials) as well as have a description and link to their site or app from Startups such as Lyft, Sniply, Mixradio and a dozen more are ready for the Sttartup launch at DC Tech Day.

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