The world is at your fingertips. Go experience it.
Company Overview

Sperience is a place where you can share and keep track of all your experiences. Whether it's a big event in your life like a vacation, wedding, graduation, or a smaller event like trying a new food, reading a new book, or getting a new PR in the gym, there is a place for it on Sperience. We are creating a place that makes it easy to keep track of the things you see, do, and try in your life. You can follow your friends to see what they are experiencing, as well.

Since we are a place to share, log, and keep track of the experiences in your life, we think it’s only right to be able to do the same with the things you still want to experience. With Sperience, each user is able to create their own unique Bucket List to keep track of everything they still want to experience in their lives. Users can check items off their Bucket List as they complete them. You are able to discover other users' Bucket Lists and add other users' experiences to your own Bucket List. Life is short, so we hope we can encourage people to start going out and experiencing the things they have always dreamed of doing. Remember, the world is at your fingertips. Go experience it.