Running has never been that easy!
Company Overview

SPEERIT is the running and sports community that matches you to similar runners in your local area. With a smart algorithm we can match you up with other runners in your area based on your skills, goals and workout style.

Offering a social interaction between runners and people passionate about sports, as well being a “one stop place” for all matters on running, such as coaching, nutrition, product review, club/race calendar, e-commerce… and much more

SPEERIT allows runners to find each other and run together. Whether you’re an athlete, training to run a marathon or looking to lose weight, SPEERIT’s community has someone around you to motivate you, support you, and best of all, run with you!

Running can be a beautiful social experience, and SPEERIT, takes it up a notch by creating the ultimate running experience ever created for runners.

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