SpaceoutVR, Inc.
Virtualize Your Reality!
Company Overview


Founded in 2015, SpaceoutVR, Inc. is a “Start-Up New York” company. Headquartered in Troy, N.Y., with offices in New York City and Montevideo, Uruguay, SpaceoutVR, Inc. is a developer of Mobile VR Apps and an integrated VR content publisher.

Spaceout.VR integrates entertainment, gaming and communications into a personified VR App. Spaceout.VR transforms your digital life into sociable VR spaces automagically. Spaceout.VR thrives on the emotional connection between a person, their phone, their networks and their personal media. We monetize with an in-app economy, subscription and advertising.

The latest release includes music streaming via SoundCloud, Facebook photos, and a Google Street View Geospatial User Interface. Spaceout.VR has more than 140,000 users and expects to launch a major update in early 2017. SpaceoutVR, Inc. is a member of the VR/AR Association, the Tech Valley Center of Gravity and Hacker-Unit.

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