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Company Overview

SmartPatch™ a Division of Pacific Sportswear Company, Inc., has developed what we believe to be the very first Branded Engagement System (BES). This unique brand identifier, provides endless opportunities for direct and instantaneous communication to a full variety of specific audiences, even within a single brand. From prime access to Web Sites, Promotions, Special Events, VIP Opportunities and so much more, the SmartPatch brings your Brand to life, increasing interaction by the users and establishing unparalleled loyalty.

In conjunction with the SmartPatch App, a simple SWYPE, instantly brings some of the world’s most Iconic Brands, (and yours too) in front of the consumer driven followers who love them.

This Patent Pending system builds upon 30 years of Apparel Branding with businesses and organizations from around the globe, including such notables as, Red Bull, the 911 Memorial, Northrop Grumman, the Ultimate Fighting Championships, as well as the Air Force One Detailing Team.

SmartPatch is now available as a single- or double-sided Key Chain. A configuration that is destined to be our top seller.

Imagine the Possibilities…™