Sko There, Inc.
Find and connect with likeminded women so you can discover and experience the world's infinite amount of adventures together!
Company Overview

Real connections aren’t easy to come by. Moving to a new place, crazy work hours, and everything in between can seriously take a toll on your social life. For all those spin “sweat it out” classes, those lazy Sunday brunches, epic Queen Bey concerts, and crucial moments when you could really use a wing-woman, a little friendship can go a long way! Especially when it comes to splitting a “too large to not feel guilty” cookie at the new neighborhood bakery or someone to go grab a happy hour drink with after a long day at work!

We know exactly what it feels like to search for, and often not find, friends that you can share and create experiences with. In thinking about how we could better find and make friends who shared a similar lifestyle and interests, we created Sko There - a mobile app that’s absolutely the best way for you to find and connect with likeminded women in your area. Whether you live in a big city like New York or a smaller city like Austin, and you’re looking to build a lasting friendship or just need a fun person for a night out, this app will change your social life!

Sko There lets you meet who you want, when you want on a platform that lets you plan to do the things you love with other fantastic women!

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