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Sikur is defining the future of secure communication, operating globally, through its offices and Distributors in Brazil, the United States, Europe, the Middle East, and Japan. Sikur works alongside governments and corporations that believe security is fundamental to the integrity of their work. We believe that security is not only about platforms and digital systems but is a mindset that surrounds every aspect of a business. According to Gartner (Market Guide for Secure Instant Communications Report), Sikur is a vendor that has relevant solutions to this technological space. The Products Sikur is the result of a fusion between the most advanced types of technology currently available on the information security market. We are bringing the most innovative form of online technology and privacy while ensuring the messages, calls, chats, and documents exchange in an extremely secure way. Not just with an encrypted military-grade App, but going one step further, integrating the concept of private cloud and security all the way down to the endpoint. This is guaranteed by the exclusive model for App authentication, its operating system, and software suite with specific guidelines to provide security and privacy at the App and hardware level. As mobility grows and Digital Transformation takes place, a set of new technologies also appears, and one of them is the IoT (Internet of Things). Sikur has a deep experience in cybersecurity, where IoT is currently struggling to take off once and for all. These same problems that Sikur is solving for companies and governments, through Sikur Messenger, will now be addressed by our new research and development cell in Sophia Antipolis, France, with a focus on IoT. Sikur Lab ( To keep our most significant asset (the technology), Sikur has established a new R&D center at Sophia AntipolisĀ“s Science Park, a notable and global technology and innovation center near Nice, France. In this same region, Sikur has become member of the SCS Cluster, which is one of the most prestigious cybersecurity centers in Europe, with a focus on secure communication, where we are working inside an environment full of specialized and global companies, accessing high-quality human resources, participating in strategic projects and leveraging our products and technology to a higher level. Innovation and Future Our thoughts are not only on Secure Communication solutions but also in a foundation that makes possible shielding communication in different situations. We did invest a lot of time developing a scalable technology, able to solve other problems that could not even be imagined, but which we know that time would bring them to us, like the IoT market and its branches in smart meters, autonomous cars, healthcare, smart cities, and many other industries . The features are applicable and still under discussion in the IoT industry. By our innovative methodology, we found that there is no challenge to port these technologies to this new market, just some customizations, based on our strong foundation. We are the foundation. We are the New Secure Communication Mindset.

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Mar 06, 2020
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