Shodogg's next generation content management platform unites sales and marketing teams by simplifying and mobilizing the way they access, display and analyze content in real-time.
Company Overview

Shodogg's technology turns mobile devices into cloud remote controls, able to access marketing content, cast presentations and videos to any web-enabled screen in the world, and automate analytics before, during and after sales presentations for real-time insights.

We're creating synergy between marketing, sales and technology teams.

For Sales teams: Shodogg drives real time engagement displaying content quickly and without friction, anywhere, while automating important analytics into your CRM.

For Marketing teams: Shodogg enables a holistic approach for content creation, distribution and consumption, completing a real time feedback loop for content curation.

For Technology teams: Shodogg is flexible and secure hub; creating agility by optimizing the businesses technical infrastructure, now and in the future.