Ship2myID allows anyone to ship and receive anything using an email, social login, cell phone number
Company Overview

Ship2MyID - Replaces physical addresses with Digital ID's like email, cell# & facebook. We are the only company in world with granted patents by USPTO.

Case in point - Today facebook has 2 Billion users. It stores close to 1 trillion possible relationships. They cannot ship any product to any one. We can enable secure shipping between them. We could do this for any cell#, email or any digital ID.

Physical address have limitations -
-> For consumers- Sharing addresses leads to concerns for consumers about privacy, safety and unsolicited junk mail
-> For business - Limits transactions on availability of postal addresses only. Millions of dollars gets lost because of Stolen packages or Lost Packages due wrong addresses

-> It is Convenient. Private. Secure
-> Ship anything to your digital contacts without a physical address.
-> Addresses are never sold or shared with other users
-> 100% control over what you receive, from whom, where and when.

For Business - Removing challenges related to integrating physical addresses unlocks opportunities
-> Create new transactions and revenue streams that were not possible before
-> Reduce wasted resources and eliminate losses related to incorrect or outdated info
-> Gain deeper insights into customers. their connections and opt-in preferences

We have done more than 40 K transactions. 45 K users. 1.2 Million relationships are documented.

Our business use - cases - Online Gifting, Shipping to any one with digital ID's, Opt-in driven Sample distribution & Direct Mailers.

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