See Me
Earn recognition for what you make on SeeMe - the world's home for creativity, one million strong and growing.
Company Overview

See.Me is a global community for artists and photographers to be discovered and connect with art enthusiasts who support their work.

Our mission is to drive awareness and economic opportunity for emerging artists and connect them with global enthusiasts around the world.

We do this thru juried exhibitions in a process driven fashion where the most talented people and best work rises to the top.

We promote artists/photographers and their work across our 500,000 followers on social media and over a million enthusiasts email.

We create economic opportunity for artists thru the sale of high quality products based on their art, generating commercial opportunities with our partners and prizes in our competitions.

We are defining a two-sided marketplace that uses exhibitions via competition to drive participation and awareness for artists, while also generating excellent content and awareness for enthusiasts.

This produces an ecosystem for emerging artists to thrive and allows the collector of art a new avenue of discovery. Thus producing one-off and recurring revenue via SeeMe merchandising of our member artists’ work.

Over time, the result will be a world-class content library, strategic corporate opportunities for artists, multiple follow-on revenue models and multimedia applications.

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