Scrummy Club
Company Overview

The relationship between retail banks and their customers is changing.

With PSD2 just around the corner in 2018, the big banks’ monopoly on their customer’s account information and payment services is about to disappear.

Scrummy Club today is a mobile app replacement for all those annoying paper loyalty cards, but we have big ambitions to be at the forefront of the relationship between retailers, customers, and their banks.

We recently won 2nd place (of 547 teams in UK and India) at the Rise / Barclays Hackathon with an idea that integrated our rewards programme into the existing Barclays Rewards ecosystem.

> Banks want to do more to engage with small businesses and their customers
> Small businesses want to reward loyalty but struggle with additional tools or training
> Customers love being rewarded but loathe the related hassle of cards and stamps

With access to the Barclays Transactions API, customers could collect Scrummy loyalty points ‘automagically’ upon payment with their debit card and without the need to open the Scrummy Club app.

We have taken this ‘hack’ further and will be demonstrating an updated ‘Scrummy Plus’ that embraces PSD2 to provide effortless customer loyalty.

We’re looking for banks and payment provider partners (globally), retailers (directly or via resellers), and investment for further product development and growth.

If you’re interested in the future of customer engagement and can help with any of these, please come and say hello!