Science 37
Accelerating Research to Find Cures Faster
Company Overview

Science 37 uses advanced telemedicine technology and patient-centric innovative networked clinical research models to rapidly accelerate biomedical discovery and bring down the costs of clinical trials. In addition to our own researchers, we also work closely with top physician-scientists and leading telemedicine companies. S37 offers full support and end-to-end services for Networked Clinical Trials. If you are an investigator, an inventor, a small biotech company or a large pharmaceutical company, we can help you achieve your clinical trial goals faster and easier than ever before.

Based in Los Angeles, we are focused on the development of networked patient-centric models for clinical research to rapidly accelerate biomedical discovery. We leverage partnerships with national mobile nursing companies, pharmacy chains, patient advocacy groups, virtual e-consenting, mobile devices, and other technology companies to maximize efficiency. Then, using design-thinking principles and rapid prototyping…S37 puts patients first and brings the best clinical trials right to their homes. One incredible benefit of the S37 approach is that by making trials better for patients, we ultimately make the process of biomedical discovery faster and less expensive. This means more safe and effective treatments will reach patients faster and cost less.

Our proprietary technology platform, NORA (Network-Oriented Research Assistant), bridges the gap between traditional trial management software, an EMR, and an advanced telemedicine platform to support all participants in Networked Clinical Trials (NCTs). We utilize telemedicine, networked investigators, unique industry partnerships, proprietary software technologies, innovative patient engagement methods, industry-integrated software, and centralized regulatory processes to make clinical research faster, safer, and less expensive.

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