Sarissa Biomedical Ltd
Transforming emergency clinical care through next-generation biosensor technology
Company Overview

Sarissa Biomedical Ltd is looking to transform emergency clinical care by creating a new generation of portable point of care diagnostics reducing time to diagnosis to a few minutes. For many life threatening conditions, rapid clinical intervention transforms patient outcomes resulting in more patients surviving with fewer disabilities, complications and a far better quality of life. Key to facilitating this is patient side diagnosis, Sarissa’s biosensor delivers a 1,000-fold improvement in sensor performance enabling Point of Care in-vitro diagnostic solutions not previously possible. This game-changing technology rapidly measures new biomarkers in finger-prick samples of blood within minutes, using low cost, disposable sensors and a handheld readers.
Sarissa is working with clinical partners on several diagnostic applications, with stroke being its lead. Stroke is a complex condition to diagnose where early intervention is critical (every minute delay in thrombolysis results in ~2 days lost of healthy life). Sarissa’s diagnostic complements existing clinical practice providing additional information to clinicians and paramedics enabling them to reach a more rapid diagnosis and initiate treatment earlier thereby radically improving patient outcomes and cost saving for healthcare provider.