Liftid Neurostimulation
Get Productive. Get Focused. Get Liftid.
Company Overview

Liftid Neurostimulation is a groundbreaking, user-friendly "brain stimulation" device to improve focus, alertness, memory and productivity.

Designed by a world renowned science team, Liftid Neurostimulation is a recreational tDCS device that can improve focus, attention and performance through mild brain stimulation.

In today's world, busy professionals, college & grad students, video gamers, musicians, and athletes are chemically stimulating their brains through an overabundance of caffeine, energy drinks, sugary snacks and other performance enhancers.

Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation (known as tDCS) is an easy, safe and effective electrical stimulation alternative to these chemical stimulators.

tDCS is one of the hottest categories in neuroscience today, an emerging technology and supported by over 4,000 published studies.

Get Productive. Get Focused. Get Liftid.