RentRedi Inc.
Make Renting Easy
Company Overview

RentRedi has created software that challenges the history of property management software by providing innovative, enterprise-quality software to the most under-served parts of the residential real estate market–the small owner and tenants.

How? Well, for starters, by creating the only solution for owners that was built for mobile first, meaning owners can manage just as well while away from a desk as at it–that's our anywhere (and anytime) promise.

And small owners aren't the only ones currently overlooked. What about tenants? We decided it was about time we make an amazing experience for a tenant as well. In fact, RentRedi was founded on the frustrations of a tenant.

And importantly, we did all of this in a way that allows us to add value while keeping pricing to a simple subscription model, removing barriers to entry, and making sure owners end up with more money in their pockets at the end of the year instead of less.

Mobile-First | Multi-Dimensional | Value-Adding