Every great recommendation starts with a question
Company Overview

Rekit is a new recommendations platform that harnesses the power of social networking to solve a universal problem: How can I get trustworthy recommendations that are right for my particular needs?
We start from the premise that the basis for all great recommendations is being able to ask your question and then have a conversation with people who have actually been there, done it, bought it, tried it, so you can shape the recommendation to the one that is exactly right for you. Rekit gives users a smart, fun and efficient way to do that, connecting them to a community of people who can help with any recommendation they might need.
Rekit complements this with a complete suite of recommendations tools, including a feed of recommendations in the user’s favourite interests, creating a constant compulsion to come back to the app and the foundation for a strong monetisation model.
Having soft-launched the app on Android and iOS, we are now looking for investment to help drive our growth.

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