Rainbow Secure
Write, Save & Protect Stress free
Company Overview

Upgrade to Simple, Trusted, Highly Secure Tools with best UX experience for your digital life.

What we offer: Data, Document Vault & Password Vault

Rainbow Secure Vault gives you safe place to store your Personal notes, Bank information, Investment Notes, Password hints, Legal, Taxation matters, Notes on family, inheritence notes & any other thing you want to write, and protect from hackers and suspicious eyes.

Rainbow Secure Vault products are protected by our new avatar of Credential Security called Rainbow Password, Passwordless login and Rainbow Smart Multi-Factor.

Personalize your subscription with features like Beneficiary/Team member access, shared folders, document storage etc by asking for premium private vault.


Developers, System Integrators
Fortify your Apps, Websites and Business Applications with Rainbow Secure APIs

*** Rainbow Password: Cyber Attack resistant 500 times strong Font, Font Style, Size, Font Color & Shading enabled PIN/Password
*** Rainbow Smart Verification: Smart 2 Factor that using formatting instructions infused tokens to thwart cyber attacks on legacy 2 factors
*** Rainbow Pattern Password: Picture Formatting enabled PIN/Password for users with difficulty remembering textual data
*** Rainbow Picture Password: Coloring parts of Chosen Picture as a PIN/Password for users with difficulty remembering textual data or who finds it more easier to with with Picture and colors.
*** Rainbow E-Signature: Electronic Transaction Approval and Document Signing using Rainbow Password Technology

Subscribe or license our technologies & patents and be at forefront of Information Security.

Visit: www.rainbowpassword.com

Our other solutions: User driven Location based Security for Online and Offline Transactions and Services
Visit: www.geoacl.com