PulpWorks, Inc.
"Molding A Better World" - sustainable packaging for the 21st Century
Company Overview

We are designers and manufacturers of sustainable molded fiber packaging comprised entirely of waste paper and waste agriculture, for the consumer products industry.

PulpWorks, Inc. was founded in response to a worldwide plastic pollution crisis. Merely one example, polyvinyl chloride (PVC), accounts for 7 billion pounds of landfill annually. When plastics such as PVC are broken down in landfills, methane, a powerful greenhouse gas, is released contributing to our global warming emergency. When incinerated, PVC releases cancer-causing dioxins that harm the immune and reproductive systems with links to breast cancer, as well.

To address this environmental tragedy, we design and manufacture eco-friendly packaging for consumer products. Our patented Karta-Pack™ is a direct replacement for the toxic plastic blister pack. It’s composed of 100% recycled pulp and paper, contains no plastic of any kind, and can be composted or recycled when discarded.