PresentiGO converts simple PowerPoint and Keynote files into interactive 3D presentations that makes for much more impact with target audiences
Company Overview

PresentiGO takes interactive storytelling to the next level. It seamlessly converts PowerPoint and Keynote files into slides that are interactive, and can even allow for 3D properties. In addition, PresentiGO seamlessly monitors presentations given in the field to let Sales management know what’s resonating and what isn’t.

PresentiGO is a better way for companies and sales teams to present their message.
- Sales reps can give more engaging presentations.
- Sales directors can gain insight into what’s working out in the field.
- Marketing can improve and deliver consistent messaging.

We are the first fully cross-platform presentation tool. Our application works on iOS, Android, Mac and Windows. Web browser compatibility coming soon...

1. OUR MISSION is to optimize and offer a very quick and smart platforms that enables users to "Wow" their customers through interactive storytelling.

2. VALUE PROPOSITION - reduce administration of business reps, all information from meetings with customers are automaticly sent into the SalesForce, or company CRM. Also managers will know whats happening in the meetings, because of real time data from the fields.

Solution is based on combination of three main technologies such as:
A). Creative and interactive presentation VIEWER (tablet and mobile application on iPad, iPhone and Android).
B). Analytics - Web based monitoring system for company managers (slides monitoring, which slides are selling, which are not).
C). Automatic system for business reps (reduction of administration).


- Easy to use,
- Administration reduction
- Collecting relevant information from the fields,
- Provides usefull reporting,
- Sales reps have a tool to engage customers,
- Analytics

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