Uber for food & drinks at bars, restaurants, and coffee shops.
Company Overview

Preo is a free app that lets users order and pay for food & drinks from their smartphone, then receive a notification when their order is ready. Our differentiation is in our automatic notification system that fits directly into the server's workflow. Servers view receipts to make orders and serve customers at the bar or to tables.
Preo is the ONLY mobile ordering company that has attracted brand partnerships to solve the difficult two-sided network problem. We are gearing up for a pilot with 100+ venues. Reach out to learn more!
Consumers don't need to fight for the wait staff’s attention, and staff will save on payment processing time (~50% of each order). Preo helps venues improve their service operations, identify their best customers and offer incentives to drive repeat business.

Preo is how people will be ordering food & drinks. From anywhere.