The only online customer complaint and resolution platform providing binding resolution.
Company Overview

Preconcile is the only fast, fair and affordable arbitration system on a web and mobile platform. Preconcile promises binding resolution to customer complaints and disputes under $25,000 in value in seven business days. Using a proprietary dispute resolution wizard, Preconcile captures the parties’ contentions quickly and efficiently. Parties are then taken to a side-by-side view of the parties’ contentions, evidence and request for relief, allowing all parties to quickly and easily see the points at issue. Such clarity and efficiency leads to quick and fair resolution – either between the parties themselves or with the help of a neutral Preconcile resolution expert (i.e. an arbitrator). With all disputes tracked in Preconcile's online platform, Preconcile is able to provide incisive analytics that allow clients and subscribers to keep their customers happy. What’s more, all cases are handled for roughly the same cost as a small claims court filing fee.