Pontus Vision
App performance tuning in minutes, not weeks
Company Overview

Our flagship product Pontus Vision Thread Manager (PVTM) speeds up application performance automatically in minutes rather than weeks. Our improvements range from 20-30% for databases, 20-60% for Big Data workloads, and 270%-to over 10,000 times faster for ultra low-latency front office systems.

If threads are running in the wrong location in a SINGLE COMPUTER, their performance can be over 100 TIMES SLOWER than if they are positioned in a good location.

We have taken resource scheduling techniques used to optimize seating arrangements in trains, airplanes, and even offices, and adapted them to computer systems. Rather than arranging the seats for office workers in teams, or families to best communicate with each other, we are arranging the most efficient layout of software threads on hardware cores.

We move the threads that communicate with each other so they can sit on the closest cores to reduce communication overheads.
Here is a link to a more technical description of what we do: http://www.pontusvision.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/PVTM-White-Paper.pdf

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