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Company Overview

PLITZS Fashion Marketing specialize in fashion production, event marketing, fashion training and commercialization with the aim to create a close collaboration between our clients and the fashion world. We’ll work hand-in-hand with Emerging Designers prior to the PLITZS New York City Fashion Week to ensure we have a full understanding of the fashion design brand you need to launch; and then provide you with the platform and production team that will help bring your emerging fashion design brand to life with a memorable showing. You’ve got the emerging fashion brand’s new collection, and now you need to launch it in a way that’s going to make a lasting impression on your clients, public, media/press and prospects - and most importantly, make them want to contact you to media cover or buy your product.

PLITZS Fashion Marketing manages every aspect of a fashion event, from artistic design through to casting and technical support, to create an affordable and profesional runway show solution with a tailored edge.

Shared Opportunities are better at PLITZS New York City Fashion Week
Creating an affordable and professional showcase platform

PLITZS Fashion Marketing founded the "PLITZS New York City Fashion Week" in 2004. Working with international and domestic emerging fashion designers - we provide showcasing opportunities, brand exposure and networking.

PLITZS New York City Fashion Week has created an independent network of international and United States domestic Fashion Week show productions not affiliated with any other industry association.

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