PlataformaVerde (GreenPlatforms)
Company Overview

PlataformaVerde is a technology company that started as a management software waste, bringing blockchain technology to bring traceability to these materials. Gradually, we realize the need to cover the entire production chain, from extraction from raw material to final disposal and we adapt our software to control other Law Suit. For the private sector, we offer blockchain software to track materials, production processes and waste disposal, including the entire supply chain and destination. Our software offers full control of the entire production and / or commercial chain of a company. Through it, companies control the productive loss and waste generation in the processes, the applicable laws (municipal, state and federal), technical standards and the financial flow. This helps companies to comply with environmental legislation, to have more control, reduce administrative time and improve your bottom line. We bring reliability and speed to processes previously known only in paper and spreadsheets mismatched. We also developed a module focused on reverse logistics, in which we connect generators, carriers and final destinations to facilitate information exchange waste, ensuring that it returns to the productive sector as a raw material.

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Mar 06, 2020