Placemeter is a real-time, open platform that uses sensors implemented by the community and public video feeds to quantify and index the physical world.
Company Overview

Placemeter’s mission is to help people, businesses, and municipalities better understand their cities.

We use computer vision at a massive scale, on a large number of rich and ubiquitous video feeds, to understand what is going in in the physical world in real time. We measure how busy places are, what people do, how fast cars go, and much more. We offer that data to developers, citizens, cities, and retailers, radically changing the way they interact with the physical world.

Using proprietary computer vision algorithms and a variety of environmental data, Placemeter can measure in real time the number of pedestrians walking by a billboard or estimate how many people are in a restaurant or a cafe, at a beach or park, or shopping at a store. It does all of this while protecting public and personal privacy.

Placemeter is a TechStars NY Spring 2013 company, the winner of the 2013 WebSummit startup competition, and recently graduated from the New York Times TimeSpace program. We're backed by NEA, Triplepoint Capital and a few other investors and were recently selected as a Time Inc. Top 10 NYC Startups.

We work with customers like the City of New York and the Downtown Project, bringing new insight to video analytics and helping people, businesses, and municipalities better understand their cities.

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Oct 24, 2014
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