Find 'em. Pitch 'em. Close 'em. Pitchbox is a Prospecting, Outreach and Relationship Building platform for internet marketing, PR, and business development teams.
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Are your outreach efforts too labor intensive? Are you spending countless hours trying to engage with the right people? What would it mean to your business to have a tool that would streamline your online PR outreach and get your story in front of more influencers? Pitchbox is Influencer Marketing simplified, that does it all for you. Prospecting – Find targeted opportunities for outreach, including contact information and social profiles. Just imagine, automating the collection of contact information without digging through the web for emails. Outreach with Automated Follow-Up – Intelligent Templates let you create personalized outreach to maximize response rate. By keeping the opportunities moving through the pipeline nothings falls through the cracks. Next Step Management – You are not required to set up reminders or tasks for every prospect at each point of the process. Pitchbox manages the workflow priority for you and automatically alerts you on what to do next. Reporting Tools – Get real-time reporting and performance tracking so you know what's working and what to keep doing. More placements, less resources, better results! Check out http://pitchbox.com/ to see how some of the fastest-growing, hottest startups in the world are getting publicity with Pitchbox - and how you can too!

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Apr 01, 2015
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