Pitch Genius Co, LLC
Pitch Deck Experts, Getting More Startups Funded
Company Overview

Pitch Genius is a boutique pitch deck consulting firm on a mission to get more startups funded by telling great stories. Every startup has a unique story to tell and it’s our job to create that engaging story, pitch, and presentation that will spark interest for potential investors, partners, or sales.

We’re based in LA, but have also helped startups successfully pitch in SF & NY.
40% of our clients have successfully raised funds with our decks.
53% are still raising.

Our bread-&-better is creating Investor Decks for Tech Startups, but there is no limit to what we can create (Animated Demo Day Decks, Sales Decks, Presentation Decks, Impact Investment Decks, etc.). Our business acumen and creative skills allow us to tackle any industry, audience, and type of presentation.

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