Build a Lasting Network with Ease.
Company Overview

Pintact is a new social utility application created with a vision to “Build a Lasting

Network with ease in a world of ever-changing information”. Pintact accelerates

networking through easy, instant, and secure exchange of always up-to-date contact

information – with one person or with many simultaneously. Pintact intuitively

integrates personal contact management, groups, personal crm, and business


Pintact elegantly blends B2B and B2C usage. The Company has identified rapid

expansion opportunities with events and conferences, virtual private directories for

small enterprises as well as adhoc meetups whose participants are looking to

network. Pintact can help manage student and professional directories, alumni

giving lists, and any type of private group communications within the system.

Pintact's goal is to create an always on and up-to-date network where contact

information is pushed to your contact's phone and synced into their native iOS or

Android address book. Features like Group PIN which allow multiple people sharing

contact information instantly provides the 'Network Effect' necessary for growth in

consumer space with diverse use cases.

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Apr 06, 2015
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