Pet Wireless
Helping pets live longer healthier lives; helping pet owners get peace of mind; helping vets provide better pet care!
Company Overview

Pet Wireless is a pet tech startup out of EvoNexus tech incubator in San Diego, that is transforming pet care from reactive to Proactive and Predictive.
We've developed Tailio - an IoT & Data Analytics pet health & wellness platform, that helps pets live longer healthier lives, pet owners get peace of mind, and veterinarians provide better pet care.
Tailio alerts the pet owner to changes and anomalies in physiology and behavior of their pet, and provides the veterinarian with actionable data to help set up an appointment at the right time and diagnose more efficiently.
Our deep focus on data analytics will bridge the gap between the veterinary, pet nutrition, pharma and diagnostic industries, and pet's health monitoring in-home.