Paydunk, LLC
Makes checking out online using your mobile device a simple and familiar experience.
Company Overview

Paydunk is a mobile payment startup that will revolutionize the digital checkout experience for consumers. While other companies are racing to bring the online experience into the store, Paydunk will simplify the checkout process by bringing the familiar in-store payment experience (Swipe card, enter PIN, done) to e-commerce. Additionally, Paydunk provides a secure platform that eliminates the sharing of personal and financial information with 3rd parties, retailers and the cloud. The opportunity exists to dramatically improve the checkout funnel in the same way bank cards replaced writing checks in stores. With more and more users moving to mobile for online purchases, this process becomes debilitating. Paydunk is the solution.

With Paydunk we don't only want to make the checkout process as few steps as possible, we also want to make it a familiar and seamless experience for the user. Think about this for a moment, you go into a convenience store to purchase a soda with your bank card. Since you've done this so many times you instinctively know swipe card, enter pin, confirm and go.

Paydunk creates this same experience for the user when they checkout with their mobile or tablet device. It's as simple as touch the Paydunk button, enter pin, confirm and go.
· Simple 6 touch PIN pad checkout.

· No username or password.

· No sharing of personal or financial information with 3rd parties.

· No storage of personal or financial information in the cloud.

· Forwards/backwards compatible on iOS or Android devices.

· Same experience regardless of device – Smart phone, desktop, tablet, SmartTV, Kiosk.

· Onboarding and payments do not require use of small QWERTY keyboard.

· Patent Pending.