Pangea Connected Limited
Connecting Everything
Company Overview

In an ever expanding world of data, we believe in the value of connecting everything—and our IoT ecosystem allows us to do just that.

We specialise in global IoT connectivity, devices, solutions, and actionable analytics, all with access to our powerful Pangea Portal that lets you remotely monitor, analyse, and control anything at anytime.

Whether it’s delighting consumers, helping the environment, reducing costs, or transforming how processes work by making them more efficient, quicker, and accurate, our award-winning IoT solutions are comprehensively designed to address the needs of any company and industry segment.

With a combined 55 years of experience in partnering and collaboration within the telecommunications industry, we have an exceptional understanding of how to work with our partners. Through our Partner Programme, we’ve helped businesses and organisations deploy tech innovations across industries, from construction and automotive, to energy and agriculture.

Let us introduce you to a world where your business works for you.