Paid Exposure
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Company Overview

Our Mission
To empower anyone who can provide valuable exposure to get paid for promoting sponsors seeking valuable exposure.

About Us
Paid Exposure is the premier marketplace that connects promoters, who are looking to monetize their social influence, and sponsors, who are looking to implement influencer marketing strategies for their brand or company. Influencer marketing is quickly becoming the best way to reach key audiences that are becoming more and more difficult to reach.

The Problem
There are many platforms that connect influencers with brands but all of them lack the transparency and efficiency in processing transactions. Currently, the process of searching for the right influencer is comparable to going into a clothing store with hundreds of varieties of apparel without any price tags. All similar platforms require brands to sign up to post requests and wait for influencers to bid or accept their post, select an influencer and then proceed to waste more time negotiating the terms and pricing for the project. Most influencers do not have a gauge or benchmark for monetizing their social influence, especially for micro-influencers, who don’t have the same reach as the top popular influencers.

The Solution
Paid Exposure eliminates the hassle of connecting with the appropriate promoters and provides the most efficient process in finalizing transactions. We have a marketplace of influencers with their profiles acting as their online store which includes any relevant information and where they can set their terms and prices for their services. Sponsors will be able to filter their search for a specific influencer based on their keywords and specifications. Any level of influencer will be able to monetize their services based on their social score and their competition by implementing basic supply and demand principles. Our transaction process is more efficient without wasting time negotiating prices and terms since all of the information is provided by the promoter.