nTeligence Corp.
Company Overview

nTeligence has created cognition, an Artificial Intelligence Operating System (AIOS). cognition is a platform upon which to build fully conversant intelligent assistants (like Siri and Alexa, but with a purely business focus), electronic advisors, offer engines and chatbots. We differentiate ourselves from others in the cognitive / AI space in several ways. First our architecture allows knowledge to be pushed out to the very edge of the computer network. Secondly, we effectively combine both machine learning, with human like reasoning, in order to build 'hybrid models of behavior'. Next we provide a reusable framework that provides data scientists, and software engineers, with an abstraction layer, so they can focus on business logic, and model building, without having to worry about the 'plumbing' or underlying infrastructure. Lastly we provide a commercial grade cognitive computing engine, that supports plug'n'play decision making strategies. Please stop by our booth to learn more.

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