Navion Insurance Associates, Inc.
Insuring Your Success
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Discover the value of independence! Navion Insurance Associates is an independent insurance agency that works with dozens of insurance companies to find you the best insurance value, every time - no matter how your life changes. As seasoned insurance professionals with an average of 15+ years of insurance experience, we take the "mystery" out of buying insurance. The more our clients know, the more they value our service. We look forward to helping you meet your insurance needs.

Get the Right Policy for Your Complex Business Needs
When it comes to insurance, one size doesn’t fit all. Each business is unique, and each one has unique coverage requirements. Unfortunately, most brokers won’t tell you this, because they can only sell you their products. Navion is an independent agency, so we work with dozens of insurers to match the best policies to your liabilities, risk profiles and business needs. We have no allegiance to any specific insurer, so we’re free to find only the best products for your business. So instead of representing them, we’re free to represent you.

Prevent Losses Before They Occur
Think your premiums are your biggest cost? They’re not. If your policies aren’t set up correctly, claims will cost you dearly. Unfortunately, most insurance agencies aim to give you the cheapest policies – but in the process, they leave you open to potentially huge losses. We do it differently. We employ a dedicated team of loss control advisors to identify areas where you can eliminate and reduce exposures to claims and losses. And then we set up your policies to both limit and transfer your risk.

The Cheapest Policy Isn't Always the Best Policy
There’s no shortage of cheap rates out there. But cheap doesn’t equal value, because many policies have significant coverage gaps that leave your business at risk. So while you think you’re getting a good deal, the end result is often poor coverage, huge liabilities and far higher costs. By matching the right coverage to the right price, we not only proactively minimize your overall costs, but we also improve your coverage and reduce your risks.

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