mySwapp's goal is for people to stop wasting and start swapping. We want to change the way people consume and swap their items with others in their local market.
Company Overview

Did you know the toy industry made $22Billion in sales last year? Book sales came in at $27Billion as well. However, imagine how much of that spent money is wasted when people purchase a new toy for their kids, only for it to be never used again after a few days. Similarly, when we buy that new book, read it once, and then let it sit on our bookshelf for years.

mySwapp was founded to change the way we consume products by resurrecting the barter system and adding a technological twist to it. In today's generation, we have the ability to be "connected" with anyone, anywhere, anytime thanks to our smartphones and devices. So we thought why not bring back the old school philosophy of swap through our digital lifestyle.

It's simple in how it works: You see something you want and you offer something that you'd like to exchange for it. Once both of you accept, mySwapp lists the nearest locations, you pick one, pick a date and voila, your meeting to swap these items is set up. mySwapp ensures anonymity by not providing any numbers, emails, or names. Once you're at the location, you press "I'm here" and mySwapp uses special technology to call both of you from a mySwapp number. You perform the swap and go home with your new item.

mySwapp's goal is for people to stop wasting and start swapping. We all have it in us and we grew up doing it without realizing it. Remember when you swapped your sandwich at lunch in school for your friends? Or when you swapped your jolly rancher for double bubble? mySwapp is here to help you bring you back to your childhood ways. So start swapping my friends and remember "Don't waste it, just swap it!"