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Company Overview

Company Vision: The most intelligent digital concierge service in the world

➔ Intelligent digital shopping concierge (based on conversational commerce, catalog-free)
➔ B2B subscription service, offered as perk/benefit to employees (paid by employer)
➔ Includes returns, pickups, donations and exchanges along with purchases
➔ Personalization platform powered by AI (Machine Learning and NLP)
➔ Expands local store reach for the on-demand economy

Our Inspiration: Our core inspiration comes from the “dabbawalas” of India, who have provided lunch pickup/delivery service for employees at work for over 150 years. We tailored this unique approach to running errands for employees at work, so they can focus on what’s important. In typical “dabbawala” fashion, we aggregate the shopping needs of users at an office building level, which allows us to optimize logistics and serve the needs of multiple users at once.