My 3 Stars, LLC
Solving the carpool problem for families.
Company Overview

Parents often need to be in more than one place at a time, and therefore heavily rely upon finding safe carpools for their children. VOOM Carpool for Kids is the free mobile app which solves this problem by helping users find common rides in their social network. It turns out that very often families don’t always know who else is attending a practice, rehearsal, party, etc. at a given location but would love to know which friend could potentially carpool. VOOM Carpool for Kids discovers common trips planned by friends, notifies these friends, and facilitates the carpool creation process.
Most moms are connected on Facebook and sharing information on a daily basis. VOOM Carpool takes that sharing to a productive level helping them plan rides with their friends. This app is a must-have for busy moms and is available for free in the App store now and with Android version rolling out mid 2016.