Company Overview

We build inspirational platforms that transform your brand, deliver on your communication strategy, and solve problems that get in the way of your ideal market positioning. In the process, our digital branding solutions greatly simplify complex organizational content for faster, more impactful, buyer engagement.

Our approach focuses on innovation through intricate design, branding that enhances customer experiences, and content that constantly aligns with your ever-changing industry and market. Along the way, we work with you step by step, to re-evaluate and re-establish your brand, and achieve consistently superior marketplace performance.

What sets Modular apart from other software companies is that we specialize in online mass customization solutions. Transform your website as you captivate buyers with our powerful customization solutions that let website users adapt your products or services to match their particular tastes and needs.

These solutions integrate with, and are tailored to, your existing website. That means you can add customization without the expense, delay, and effort that would normally be required if you were to develop advanced mass customization software on your own. And because mass customization is our specialty you get a best-of-breed solution that leverages thousands of hours of highly specialized development by our in-house experts.

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